DATES FOR 5783 - 2023


Lubavitch Day Camp Manchester is a proud member of the Camp Gan Israel network, the largest and fastest growing network of Jewish day camps in the world. Gan Israel enjoys a well-earned reputation as a trendsetter with innovative ideas, creative programs and new activities.

Lubavitch Day Camp  Manchester is a well established camp. We have been providing Summer day camps since 1963. Our day camp is much more than a physical break from the school routine. It's a comprehensive program designed to strengthen the body and soul. It provides your child with a rich and wholesome summer vacation of fun and excitement along with friendship and meaningful educational experiences.

We have 5 divisions, catering to all ages:

Head Start - Boys and Girls ages 3-5 

Day Camp - Boys ages 6-11 and Girls ages 6-11

Teen Camp - Boys ages 12-14 and Girls ages 12 -14  

For further information or to register please go to our website: